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Fast asleep in the virtual armchair

June 16, 2011

Those of you who are aware of the best body of writing that recent years have produced (I refer to the works of the late Sir Terence John Pratchett) will pick up the title of this new blog of mine in an instant.

That fortunate few will recognise that ‘room3b’ is the entirely fictional lecture room in which all classes at Unseen University take place. Members of the faculty dozing in their armchairs are said to be ‘asleep in room3b’. Their actual attendance would be counterproductive. Experimentation indicates that students pick up knowledge by a form of osmosis rather than by being talked at, a discovery that I wish my university had a clearer grasp of.

I’ve used ‘room3b’ as a tag for my on-line presence for a while and I see no need to change it now.

This will be for things I want to write about on various days, since I find I need a place to pontificate and I don’t want to give the copyright of all my words of wisdom to FACEBOOK.

The picture above is the arms of the late Sir Terry. Don’t worry: not all of my material will be Discworld related. Even though the first full post will have an off-screen cameo by one of his leading characters.

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