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Back to the Gym

September 8, 2018

Those of you who know me and especially those of you who see me on a regular basis will know that for the past (ye gods! Can it be that long? Yes it must…) thirteen months I’ve been complaining about what has gone wrong with my right foot.

Basically, it has been hurting to walk on it and this has limited my mobility and the amount of exercise I can take. Where before I could walk all the way up Amersham Hill in the morning and all the way around the park twice in the afternoon now it’s all I can do to totter to the supermarket once a day and take the bus back. I use a walking stick and must remember to keep myself in paracetamol. (Any stronger painkillers give me constipation so they’re right out.)

I’ve had physiotherapy consultations, steroid injections into my heel (twice) and to be fair the pain has lessened but not enough to restore my quondam (1)mobility. There’s a consultation with a Big Time Doctor coming up but my case was marked ‘non-urgent’ so I’m still waiting.

And this has had bad effects on my general health. My weight has increased, my blood pressure is up (though the practice nurse is resistant to upping my medication because she thinks it might be due to my being in pain!) and I am feeling generally seedy.

You know me: I have both laziness and a tendency to assume the worst but I have finally decided to do something about this! I bought a day membership today for the Gym they have built at the back of where Woolworth’s used to be and popped in to discover what exercise machines they have which will not put a strain on my instep. The treadmills and the stairmasters are right out and I don’t think the peculiar combination thing with the levers is any better but the exercycles and the rowing machine don’t seem to stress me too much.

I fell out of the habit of using the gym in a fit of stinginess a few years back and if I hadn’t I’d probably be a lot fitter now than I actually am. Anyway I can fool myself into thinking £18.99 a month is a bargain because it’s ten quid less than I was paying at the Lido.

The Lido gym, parenthetically (2), had a view out over the swimming pool and this cheered my aging heart when I could ogle the young women in their bathing suits below. Not that the new gym has any lack of female pulchritude but I’m going to have to keep reminding myself that I am not many yards away and behind a glass window from the bottoms of the young ladies and I should not be creepy.

Anyway, the new place is on my route to the supermarkets so if I can work in a half-hour there nearly every day it may make a difference. Build up slow, Michael, remember about cool-down periods and only move on to the more complicated looking machines once ten minutes on the rowing machine doesn’t entirely knacker you.

All encouragement gratefully received! I’m only posting this so I’ll know that there’s someone somewhere I’m disappointing by failing to keep up my resolutions.

(1) Is that too much vocabulary?
(2) Again, am I overdoing the florid old actor-laddy dialogue?

  1. Freecycle has a habit of having exercise bikes to give away, particularly around December to February. I don’t know whether you have the space for one, though.

  2. Oh, I so do not. You’ve been in my flat Roger. (Only once and a few years back. When we had a games meet there for my birthday.) So you should know the lack of space I have. If I had that much space I’d keep a real bike there and go out and terrorise the roads of High Wycombe!

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