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Another Damn Thing

October 4, 2018

Apologies for not writing more frequently. I’ve been agonizing (as only someone with nothing dreadfully important to do can) over a thing I’m writing for a games convention at the weekend and dithering as only an aged gentleman can.

But I have to share with you more news of my incompetence.

I acquired a while back a walking stick. One of Boots’ finest products, a three part steel tube that can be folded away, with the intention of using it to compensate for The Pain In My Right Foot, a condition that seems to dominate my days at the moment.

I’ve had it for nigh on six months or more now (the stick not the pain: the pain is nearer fourteen months) and just today I discovered (from making a sarky remark about walking sticks not coming with instruction manuals) that I’d been using it wrong all this time.

According to this training video on the NHS website I’m supposed to be using it on the left side of my body, not the right. This strikes me as counterintuitive: I’m trying to get the weight off my right foot and using the stick to bear the weight on that side seemed the obvious way to do it. Seems not.

I tried doing it the other way today… Either it made no difference or made it slightly worse. Perhaps I haven’t got the knack of it yet… Or perhaps I’m a perverse old bugger and will just have to go back to the way I was doing it before.

I had been congratulating myself on noticing the walking stick and crutch users much more since I became one myself. But obviously, as Sherlock Holmes says to Dr Watson, I see but I do not observe. Or maybe most of them are doing it the wrong way too.

Still no sign of an appointment from the foot specialist yet. Grump.

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  1. I believe the general idea is to shift weight generally away from the injured side – so when the left foot is down things work as normal, but when the right is down you lean a little leftwards onto the stick, rather than wobbling rightwards across the foot and onto the stick on that side. (Also, usually the arm moves with the opposite leg.)

    But it’s a matter of individual preference; if same-side is working for you, there’s no especial reason to change.

    • “The arm moves with the opposite leg.”

      Ah, does it?

      I’m suffering from the Centipede’s Problem here. I’m not sure I can walk and think about it at the same time.

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