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Countdowns again

October 2, 2019

I was trying to follow the countdown to  Brexit at the start of the year but they  went all squishy  on me. We’ve nearly run out of the  time given back in March and the Prime Minister has brought out his ‘final offer’.

And now we’re in fact on two countdowns. One to October 17th when the PM is supposed to ask for an extension if he hasn’t go an agreement negotiated and passed and one for the 31st where ‘come hell or high water’ he says he’s determined we shall leave.

And I have nothing but questions and no answers.

Are the Irish going to regard this as good enough? Are they going to like Boris kicking the responsibility for continuing the arrangement to Stormont? What happens if Stormont cannot get organised enough to hold any vote? (They haven’t been showing a good record of this lately.)

Why are the DUP regarding this proposal as significantly better? Is it because they think they can abolish it at the first opportunity? Because it puts them in charge and not the Republic or Westminster?

Does Boris really think anyone believes that this can be negotiated before October 17th let alone agreed by either of the two sides? Or does he think he can throw the blame on the EU and claim that it would have been perfectly easy if only Brussels had listened? What is the Cunning Wheeze (I’m sure there is one) that he thinks can get him out of having to ask for an extension?

Frankly, an extension would be needed even if all concerned said they could live with the basic principles.

Ah, interesting times…

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