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Real Fake News

November 11, 2019

I got back late-ish from Manchester last night and after I started the process of bringing my laundry up to date, I got onto the BBC’s iPlayer to watch the Remembrance Sunday service from that morning.

I was tired as I say and after a while I paused it and went to bed.

I woke up this morning to discover that I had missed a scandal.

My favourite geek site, RPG.Net, had a lot of buzz in the ongoing British politics thread about the fact (is it? I dunno) that the BBC were doing Boris a favour by omitting the video actually taken of him at the ceremony and using one taken some years back, presumably when he was Foreign Secretary. 

Why? Because he got his wreath the wrong way up. There were some other comments that he looked particularly confused but when I went back to iPlayer and watched the moment he looked as he normally does. I mean, how could they tell?

But he undoubtedly got his wreath the wrong way up and when Jeremy Corbyn went forward he had a look on his face that said: ‘Why did he just do that?’

There are two things here. Firstly, can one ever in future rely on BBC News to report ‘without fear or favour’ if they are willing to grovel in such a way? Did they even need to be leaned on?

And second, if Boris can’t absorb a simple instruction like ‘Turn it round Prime Minister and put it down like this…’ then what sodding hope have we he can learn a brief on anything substantial? Negotiations with the EU? Pressure from the US? Global warming? Russia assassinating people in English cathedral towns again? Best to make an elevator pitch, I think.

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