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On found art.

January 1, 2020

One of the things I meant to say after my visit to Bermuda.

You know those people who say that they can’t get SF and superhero genre ficiton? Youknow the ones who say that superhero movies are tedious and full of pointless violence and posturing and unconvincing melodrama? (And those of us who say, no! No! There’s a lot of good stuff here, from BUFFY to AVENGERS ENDGAME?)

Well, I’ve finally seen the movie they are talking about (thanks to my Cabin Class priviliges on my recent flight to Bermuda) and it’s called AQUAMAN. And I cannot but agree. Because the stuff in there though it takes extreme  care to include the ‘soap opera’ elements of the legend of Arthur Curry, Bastard King of Atlantis, still sounds like unconvincing crap. Melodrama in the true 19th Century sense and without a touch of the psychogical realism that BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (to take a random example)  chose to build into its structure.

On the other hand I took advantage of the fact that Netflix membership is not the same the world over to take the chance to watch the first series of THE FLASH. And though the actors there sometimes fail to live up to the full potenial of the characters. nonetheless they do their best to live up to the ambigouus possibilities of the tension between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash.

This what I hope for from the people who are taking the stories generated from decades upond decades of serial storytelling and trying to make sense of them. I have always argued for the script editors of DOCTOR WHO (to choose an example not entirely at random) to take the inherited mass of stories and not disavow them but take as much as they can and run with them.

This is why it is always better to say: OK the Doctor is half human and not to say This is something we are going to pretend never happened.

Excuse me. It is the small hours of January 1st and I am fairly drunk.

A Happy New Year to all our listeners.

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