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A problem in modern etiquette

May 22, 2020

How do you tell a business they don’t understand their customers?

Or rather how do you tell them that they could make money out of you… if they weren’t dedicated to making more money out of people who aren’t you?

Thing I’m worrying about at the moment is how long Google Hangouts is going to last. It’s already not supported as Google tries to shift everyone towards Google Meet, which is like Hangouts but with more features and focused on the business user. Oh and charging money.

Now just about everything charges except Discord (query: how does Discord make any money then?) but Google Meet’s pricing structure seems particularly useless. The Free version would be fine for my needs except that it’s limited to sixty minutes and I want to use  it to  run Role-Playing Games on line.

The ‘G Suite Essentials’ level looks like it gives me all that I want and is free until September… But it won’t recognise a ‘non-business e-mail’ as a valid basis for setting up an account and assuming I get used to it the charge is going to be $10.00 a month per user, 

Now, Zoom may have its faults (and the Internet rumour machine is pouring them in my ear every time I mention it) but it only charges a fixed fee of £11.99 a month for up to nine hosts and a hundred users. It’s branded as for ”small teams’ which should cover any hobby use.

Are Google not interested in the hobby user?

Who do I write to when I want to say: “Look here, you’re being prats and I want you to remember I told you so when the day comes you realise I was right all along.” Lots of means of contact if you want to complain they’ve done something wrong. None to tell them they’re doing something stupid.

Perhaps I should ask my niece in San Francisco.

Or perhaps I’m precisely the sort of boring old man with too much time on his hands that this non-contact system was set up to discourage.

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  1. All that Google gets out of your use of Hangouts is social network graphing: whom are you talking with, and how often? And they can get that out of you more cheaply by watching your gmail traffic.

    Just use Jitsi. No cost, ever. No spyware, unlike Zoom and Discord. No accounts to mess with. No service to be withdrawn; you can run your own server (well, you can use the server I run, which is even easier).

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