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Of limited general interest

November 17, 2020

I was writing my monthly ‘zine for ALARUMS & EXCURSIONS a venerable apa about roleplaying games in theory and practice and the topic of which game systems we all like best came up, as it does every few years.

And towards the end of my piece on the subject I found myself saying ‘Oh if only there were a place on the web where I could store my list of games I have played at one point or another. Oh wait…’

Which is why I’m putting this here and those of you who don’t care about this can ignore it. I don’t pay any attention when some of my acquaintance go on about PERL programming or collecting antique motorcycles: I just nod and smile.

I’ve got a sneaky feeling that this isn’t all the games I’ve played because I’ve been doing this for a while and was not entirely sober at every game convention I’ve attended and I’m also getting old. But this is the vast majority of them.

This is in rough chronological order of first playing it: starting New Year’s Day 1976 with a DnD game at Dave Langford’s place.

& means I only ever played it the once.

@ means I’ve run or played extended campaigns of the game. I’m still in the early phases of my involvement with MASKS and WtA so who knows if they will run.

Dungeons & Dragons@. (But never, as far as I recall, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I did buy a copy of the Players and GM’s Guides but by then I was into RQ.)

Empire of the Petal Throne @

Traveller @

Tunnels and Trolls

En Garde (Mostly postally obviously though there was one disastrous face-to-face game in Coventry during the period chronicled in part of THE ELFISH GENE. I should probably mention the postal RPGs of the 1980s which gave me a fair bit of pleasure especially WHERE LIES THE POWER a game of far future politics, commerce and war that deserved its own tabletop game.)

Superhero 2044

Chivalry and Sorcery (Oh, the pain of remembering trying to create a drug-trance magician. Did you know medieval Europe had swarms of magicians who needed specially enchanted hallucinogens to work magic? It’s not in the OXFORD BOOK OF THE MIDDLE AGES but perhaps their lives were too tedious to be chronicled. The game experience certainly was.)

RuneQuest @ (2 and 3 and RQGlorantha but I skipped the ones in between though I own copies).

Lords of Creation


Bushido @ (This was in the days when I couldn’t figure out a system didn’t work without playing it.)

Call of Cthulhu @

Man, Myth, and Magic &


Other Suns (We at least got as far as creating characters for this one but if we ever actually played it is gone from my memory)

Pendragon @ (Yes, yes. I tried to run THE GREAT PENDRAGON CAMPAIGN. We got as far as Arthur being on the throne and one of the players had become Duke of Kent. Then we had to go and lie down.)

Champions &

Rolemaster (I wish I had only played this the once…)

The Fantasy Trip

Lands of Adventure

Middle Earth Role Playing

Sandman  &

Skyrealms of Jorune


Maelstrom: The Turbulent Role-playing Game of Thieves, Rogues, Magick, and Mayhem &




Dream Park


Elric! (or maybe I’m thinking of Stormbringer )

Talislanta &

Forgotten Futures

Vampire: The Masquerade @

Mage: The Ascension @

Over the Edge @

Everway @

Unknown Armies


The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Feng Shui @

Castle Falkenstein

HeroQuest @

In Nomine @

Savage Worlds @


Buffy the Vampire Slayer @

The Deryni Adventure Game & (But in this case this doesn’t mean I don’t like the game just lack of opportunity to run it.)

Exalted (Half a & as I ran the same sample adventure with different groups and then gave up.)

Primetime Adventures

Tekumel: The Empire of the Petal Throne & (Only once and at a convention: but that’s the sort of odds I have against running anything Tekumelani…)

Ars Magica @

Reign @

In a Wicked Age



A Taste For Murder  

Dogs In The Vineyard &

Trail of Cthulu


Apocalypse World

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time And Space         

Dungeon World @

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game&


The Quiet Year & (though I’m not sure that should count: it’s not quite an RPG)

The Laundry Files @

Last Best Hope&

Monster of the Week @

Night’s Black Agents @

The One Ring


The Fall of Magic&



Bluebeard’s Bride&

Genesys @

Blades in the Dark @

MASKS: A New Generation

Werewolf the Apocalypse


And this doesn’t count the stuff I’ve adapted to other systems (most frequently GURPS and RQ): Like METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, Tekumel, LACE & STEEL, Nexus: The Infinite City, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Harn and lots of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

One Comment
  1. I feel that one could populate a fair list merely with different GURPS games. One The One Ring game is probably quite like another, but…

    Notation suggestion: “+” for extended campaign, “-” for just the once, might be easier to remember?

    Might also be interesting to note: which ones have you GMed? (Insofar as GMing is a meaningful concept, which it isn’t with all of them.)

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