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I shit you not

October 16, 2021

I have just received the silliest unsolicited phonecall ever.

“Hello, is that Mr Cule? This is XXXX and I’m calling you from the Clairvoyant Company. (1) How are you today?”

It took a beat but I came back with: “Can’t you tell?”

“We have some good news for you sir. Are you free for a few minutes? An advisor would like to speak with you…”

I told her (very gently, because clearly she was not firing on all cylinders) that she should, please, try to find an honest job and hung up.

It really, really happened!

Their phone number was 01246104530: The reverse phone number site tells me nothing about them. Perhaps those of you who have more patience than me could ring them up and explore their services. I’m sure you’d be doing them a favour.

(1) There’s an AI consultancy in America (who have an office in Hyderabadad and it was an Indian accent on the other end of the phone. If this was them they need to change their name.

One Comment
  1. 01246 is Chesterfield and surrounding area. Though of course it’s entirely possible to fake a CLI.

    “This is the Clairvoyant Company. You’ve had an accident…”
    “No I haven’t.”
    “Oh, sorry. I’ll call back tomorrow.”

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