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On the fringes of fame and glory

January 2, 2023

Hey, you’ll never guess what! We got a nomination!

For what you ask? For Favourite ‘Talk’ RPG podcast on the ENWORLD (not the Ennies but a fellow can dream) website.

Personally I think KEN AND ROBIN TALK ABOUT STUFF will walk it as usual but it’s nice to know we’ve got enough listeners to get a nomination! (It’s a lonely life being a podcaster sometimes: a bit like shouting at the void.)

Tell your friends (assuming you have any that are interested in such arcana)!

What’s that? Oh, we’re IMPROVISED RADIO THEATRE WITH DICE, me and Roger Bell_West. Look us up! Listen to us! (But don’t feel you have to do that before voting for us of course….)

I am already writing my acceptance speech… Ot at least rejigging the one I never got to use at the Oscars….

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