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On the new Doctor

October 7, 2018

Well, OK.

That was alright. The monster was a ripoff of a well known commercial franchise. There was a bit too much preachiness and the deliberate plucking-at-the-heartstrings stuff always gets up my nose a bit if it’s not built up to first.

Some of the Yorkshire accents sound a bit duff in the minor parts. But I’m from Manchester so what do I know?

But on the other hand the explanation of what regeneration felt like was a nice, poetic expansion of the mythos. It had pace and energy. The lead looks like she can grow into the part.

They haven’t offended my sensibilities in the first episode. And the whole thing hung together. They have my permission to continue.

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  1. This is the first episode I’ve watched since I gave up in disgust during season 6. I find Chibnall’s emotional manipulation rather heavy-handed, but considering his previous work I’m stunned at how good it was overall.

    (And women and nonwhite people, casually and without making a fuss about Look How Minority Aware We Are.)

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