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Persecuting the Pusscat

October 8, 2018

Turning away from my political gibbering for a moment let me record that I am currently being mean to Monty.

All in a good cause of course, though he may not agree. He’s had a sore on his head that has refused to heal for a couple of years now. He’s FIV+ and doubtless that’s been a factor but there’s also the fact that he keeps rubbing off the scab whenever it forms.

Being an old softy I have mostly ignored this. I didn’t want anything to inconvenience my flatmate at all, at all. And most of all I was dreading the reproachful looks I’m currently getting and the sight of him struggling to do things as simple as lick his paws and then clean his face. Cowardice I know.

But since I’ll be off to Germany for five days later this month I thought I would enquire about whether it would be possible to put a cone on his head while I was away. The nice trainee nurse at my vets said sure and recommended something called a ‘Comfy Cone’.

And since I could not actually face the image of myself being too cowardly to put it on him the morning I left and crossing fingers he’d be all right I’ve been and gone and done it.

He’s gone silent. He’s normally a very vocal cat, miaowing away like nobody’s business as he comments upon his day, my tardiness in feeding him and a lot of other stuff best known to him. But since I put this cone thing on him not a squeak.

He’s still willing to climb up on my lap and purr when I stroke him though and that’s something.

There will be no pictures to illustrate this posting despite the fact that he looks so cutely grumpy and grumpily cute in his blue cloth cone. We shall see what we shall see over the next week or two what we can achieve by the way of letting the wound scab over and healing start.

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