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Further depressing thoughts

October 13, 2018

Jane, if you ever did go and look at that Quora thread, don’t worry about whether you need to tell me I was in fact being rude during it. I have stopped worrying about that (what stage is Acceptance?) and am now worrying again about whether I’m going gaga.

Reason being there are two occasions in that thread when I make a comment and the other person says: “What do you mean? I clearly already answered that?”

And I go back to check and lo, they have.

Still more worrying than that is my instant self-justifying thought: Perhaps they are editing the posts to confuse me… (I tried checking but I can’t figure out how to see if someone is editing their comments. It’s quite easy to do when you’re checking main question threads.)

I’m not sure if accepting that I’m going a bit lacking in the comprehension and noticing things department is any saner but it’s definitely the politer course to say ‘Oh, never mind: it must be me.”

The other depressing thing was a thought that struck me when I was getting supper. “This universe I seem to be experiencing shows a striking resemblance to an Alien Space Bat intervention. Really, really unlikely people are having political successes.”

I’m sure you must have had the same thought, if you’re at all an sf and alt-history fan.

But the really alarming question is what sort of alt-history the Space Bats are going for.

Is this an honest ‘what if Donald Trump and Brexit had won back in 2016′ intervention?

Or is it one of those alt-histories that have a thesis about how things would have been wonderful if only their heroes had got the fair chance they deserved.

Or in other words are the ASBs Trump and Farage fans? Will they continue to distort reality?

If you hear that I have been smote down in the next few days, have the police check for crop circles and scorch marks in the area. Just sayin’

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