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Oh, look a new obsession…

October 14, 2018

Moving right to the top of my if-I-win-the-Lottery fantasies…

Well, given the price tag, make that my if-I-win-the-Euro fantasies.

There’s something about living on a private island off the coast of Britain that appeals to me, especially if it comes with a ruined Napoleonic fortress and underground tunnels. The last island I obsessed on kept turning up in my games: it was smaller, cheaper but also had a Napoleonic era fortress and was put to good use by Edom, the British vampire fighting/exploiting agency in NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS.

It would probably be bad for me to realise these fantasies and not only financially.

I liked the second episode of the new season of DOCTOR WHO. Wise not to extend the ‘Search for the TARDIS’ motif too long though I’m sure there was some temptation in that direction. Moral of mutuality being better than isolation: check. Prefiguring events that have already happened to the villains but not to the Doctor: check. Nobody actually said “It’s bigger on the inside but we did get a Cute British Moment with a custard cream.

Next week recent American history. Wonder if they got some production money out of that idea.

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  1. I did put a renegade Sandman on a small Scottish island when I was running The Madness Dossier. He turned out not to be bulletproof.

    I don’t insist on a moat (though there is a row of houses half-way between your place and mine which has one, as the river runs along its frontage, and if I lived in one of them I’d have a drawbridge); I’d be quite happy living under a hill.

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