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As a sign of how serious I’m being…

November 12, 2018

…about getting something done with my writing these were delivered today: the WRITERS & ARTISTS YEARBOOK and the CHILDREN’S WRITERS & ARTISTS YEARBOOK. I wouldn’t have known the latter existed if Lindy hadn’t told me so thanks to her again. In the background is Monty who does not yet know of my plans to immortalise him as Master Tobias Crumhallow.

Would he resent it? Master Crumhallow has a deeper voice than Monty and a rather rougher accent but the ears and the smudges on the nose are him.

The bit I am dreading most about getting the manuscript of DAGONET into circulation is writing bloody synopses. I may have ranted about this before.

And I’m going to circulate it among my friends. Anyone who has time to look at an Arthurian Young Adult novel and can either give ego-boo (“Gosh, it’s wonderful!”) or editorial advice or preferably you know both should get in touch.

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