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I’m not sure I approve of this Modern Development (No 1 in a series)

November 12, 2018

Seen today in Sainsbury’s.

A Gin Advent Calendar.

I really don’t think this is on, you know. No not even for Roger…

And the ladies of the writing group are talking about keeping in touch by WhatsApp. Two fellows in Mexico got burned to death because of WhatsApp….

  1. Gin is what happens when you have invented distillation but it’s not good enough to produce vodka/whiskey/etc. that people actually want to drink. So you swamp the nasty flavours with juniper. Super special poncy gin is completely missing the point, even more than super special poncy vodka/etc. is.

    WhatsApp: owned by Facebook, guarding your privacy. Yeah right. Use Signal, or just assume everything you’re sending will be read. There is no sensible middle ground.

    • Yeah, poncy vodka is very weird. The best that can be said is that you don’t need to sprinkle pepper on it to absorb…fusil oil? Have I got that right?


      I really don’t want to share my writing via anything that leaks….

      • Fusel oils (fusel alcohols in the US), mostly amyl alcohol (pentan-1-ol). There’s some argument as to whether these actually do any harm.

        Signal:, available for iOS, Android, and I believe Linux/Windows/MacOS desktops too.

        Upside: actually secure, doesn’t rely on Facebook.
        Downside: nobody uses it except people like me.

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