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Nine Days to Go

March 20, 2019

I should start a Doomsday Clock. We need a countdown.

Oh, it’s a day for rumour and insinuation. And the occasional downright lie.

I’ve got people telling me that the EU won’t offer a short extension, that they  won’t offer a long extension, that they won’t offer an extension at all…

And the front page of the bloody DAILY MAIL is accusing Parliament of wasting the past 1000 days because of “incompetent MPs and hard Brexit zealots“! 

One is British, you know but there is only so much hypocrisy I can take at once…

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  1. A perfectly reasonable answer from the EU would be “you’ve had two years in which you have achieved absolutely nothing; why should we believe you can change that in three more months? What is your actual plan? Why should we go to a lot of trouble and expense to make yet more special rules for you?”.

  2. Indeed. It’s only the fact that they will suffer slightly more from a crash out that prevents them from rejecting it outright.

    Apparently they’ve said ‘yes, you can have the three months if you can pass approval of the Withdrawal Agreement next week’.

    This makes me think of people being challenged to weave straw into gold. Oh, dear me! Now I understand! Michael Gove is really Rumplestiltskin!

    And even if TM can pull off the miracle do you think she can keep her awkward squad from cutting up rough long enough to pass the needed legislation? They don’t seem to have a sense of the seriousness of the situation.

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