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Eight Days to Go

March 21, 2019

I got to watch Theresa May’s speech after last night’s meeting with the other party leaders (minus Jeremy  Corbyn) at which  it is believed she told them all that she was right and they were wrong. Strangely, this did not move their hearts to repentence.

She then came out and told us what we felt. Something that will get up the noses of at least two thirds of the population. She also said that she was ‘on our side’ which  must have had nearly everybody shouting ‘Oh no you’re not!’ at the screen. You wouldn’t believe the number of people on the Internet who believe she is a fiendish mastermind who is doing her best to frustrate the will of the people. If they mean by the will of the people leaving the EU without a deal a week tomorrow then she  is one of the main factors tending to bring it about in spades.

What was fascinating to me from a technical point of view was the fact that she has managed to rise so high in politics without any comprehension of the art of rhetoric. I have seldom heard a speech delivered with such monotone and inflexible delivery. It wasn’t that she was tired or that she was recovering from a sore throat, though both of those were true. It was that  she didn’t have the first idea how  to talk to a camera or an audience.

Of the people I’ve watched speaking only Elizabeth Hurley is more robotic. How the hell did she get chosen  as an MP, let alone rise to Cabinet rank?

The people who believe in the fiendish Remainer plans of Theresa May seem mostly to be terribly confident that they will be betrayed by Parliament and Brexit will be withdrawn. I could wish I was as confident as them but I think they are just unable to believe that Daddy  and Mummy will not come along and save them from the  responsibility that’s about to fall on them.

To all my friends and comrades who will be marching on Saturday to try to invoke the legendary common sense of the British nation, good luck but I’m still medically excused marching. I’ll be there in spirit.

Actually, let me add one more thing.

Someone asked what happens if TM resigns before Brexit Day.

And I could answer. I did a quick search  and she doesn’t seem to have an appointed Deputy.

Who would take over as caretaker PM if she was to suddenly throw in the towel and go to spend more time with her family? Is there a law?

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  1. Chorlton Voice permalink

    She won’t resign. She is like a terrier, jaws clamped on a big dog’s throat. She may be whirled round, smashed against the furniture and have all her bones broken, but she will not let go. A terrier needs no power of rhetoric. It has the strength of teeth and jaw and that is enough. Or so it thinks.

  2. You’re probably right.

    And what if she drops down with apoplexy tomorrow? Bad enough if she were to die, God forbid. But if she were incapacitated and might recover any moment…

    Really, heads of government have no business not leaving a clear line of succession.

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