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A Week is a long… Oh, Wait…

March 22, 2019

I had the outline of the next in my ‘Brexit countdown’ series written in my head and then the counter got reset. Time is still ticking forward but I don’t actually know when the day of doom is.

Does anyone know if someone in Parliament has remembered to schedule a vote to reschedule Brexit? Because if it doesn’t happen I can see the ERG getting all huffy about it. Rees-Mogg is a Catholic and I could see him pulling a ploy from the Sedevacantists playbook for years to come if every t isn’t crossed and every i isn’t dotted. (“We really left the EU back in 2019! Yes we did! You can read all about it on my web page…”)

That aside, I came across a poster on my favourite media site for RPGs who was expressing a point of view I had previously  only found on Quora: that though he supported Remain, maybe all the cack that the process of Leaving has stirred up is enough to make staying part of the EU less worthwhile and that was just enough to push him into not caring enough to fight anymore.

This wasn’t the ‘I voted Remain but since then I have realised that the EU is a bunch of expletives-that-should-be-deleted and if they asked me to vote again…” thread that I see a lot of and always  suspect of being churned out by a troll factory somewhere. It was more “I think we cannot resolve this well any more and should fold our tents and slink away”.

So let me say that I will have none of this! I am especially annoyed to find it on a site dedicated to RPGs, an art form that celebrates agency, action, being able to overcome obstacles in a heroic fashion. Like James T. Kirk facing the  Koyabashi Maru test I do not believe in No Win Scenarios!

Of course, the odds of my being able to reprogram this particularly depressing simulation are low to nil. But the thought is important too.

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