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Spoilers, spoilers

April 29, 2020

I finally got around to seeing the last episode of the last DR WHO series.


Can I say I just don’t get it?

I don’t get why this was supposed to make the series better. I don’t get why the show runner thought: Oh, yeah that would be cool!

I can see that he wanted to get rid of the Time Lords even more than they have been gotten rid of in the past. Though that wouldn’t have been my choice.

But all this ‘everything will change now’ stuff… Saying something like that is very hard to pull off. When Buffy suddenly acquired a sister… yeah, that was cool. They used it explore stuff about teenaged anxiety and literally ‘discovering yourself’ and ‘not being who you thought you were’. But this…

I don’t think they are trying to pull a ‘THOSE WHO WALK AWAY FROM OLMELAS’ moment as one of my friends said: the timeless child would have been tortured continuously if that had been the case. (And why is the title of the episode THE TIMELESS CHILDREN anyway? Why the plural?)  I think they are trying to pull a ‘TOTAL RECALL’.

Yes, yes, I’ll watch the next series. Even though I expect to be disappointed.


I came across a post about Marxism being invalidated because Marx’s ‘labour theory of value’ was bollocks and that Marx had known it was bollocks before he died because of the publication of better theories in his lifetime.

It would be nice if I could be arsed to actually learn enough Hegelian and Marxist philosophy to be able to tell if this was actually a thing or just something the American right wing came up with to bolster their predetermined decision that left wing philosophies must be bollocks.

The fact that Heinlein bungs a similar statement into STARSHIP  TROOPERS makes me suspect it’s a long standing statement.

But I think my theory of value says my remaining lifespan is too short to waste any significant portion of it digging in contending dogmatisms. Ah, for a regeneration or two, especially given the pain my left hip is giving me.

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