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Angry old man time

April 11, 2020

Went off to Sainsbury’s to restock on food. In pursuit of my more intense self-isolating this was my first venture out since last Saturday. My foot is currently telling me I need to go out for exercise more often.

Last Saturday was me going to Morrisons and bewailing their lack of preparation to keep people apart and their narrow aisles and what have you. So in a burst of middle class snobbery I went to Sainsbury’s this Saturday. (Lower middle class snobbery obviously: I didn’t troll up the hill to Waitrose.)

I found myself muttering more than once ‘Have you people no concept of what two metres distance means?’) People zipping right by my ear on skateboards as I walk along the payement. People walking right past my elbow because they are in such a damned hurry… People sitting on the bus and taking the seat right by me.

I think I am approaching the point at which I will keep my walking stick ready at all times to poke people and cry “Keep your distance!”

Expect reports of my arrest to follow any time soon. R vs Cule could be a landmark case on what counts as ‘reasonable force’ in the Coronavirus era.

Thing is I consider myself a nice chap. Old age and provoking Young People are proving me wrong.

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  1. On Thursday morning (9 April), both Aldi branches (near you and London Road), Morrison’s in town, and the Tesco near me, were running strict occupancy restrictions, 2m-separated queues outside while people waited for previous shoppers to leave, and so on. And people inside were behaving reasonably well.

    Lidl were doing nothing along these lines, and people were crushing together more than they were last time I was there two weeks earlier (24 March). I suspect that having to wait in a queue immediately before going into the shop reminds people to behave well.

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