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Good as far as it went.

November 28, 2021

No major goofs. (Except maybe that the entire 1904 wandering up to the heights of Tibet to do something that didn’t pay off is a bit… Annoying. Nice scenery though. There was the completely pointless reversal of the polarity of the neutron flow last week too.)

But I’m finding myself in the position of being frustrated by developments. This past week we had the announcement that there are going to be not one but three DOCTOR WHO ‘Specials’ next year, starting with one on New Years Day and leading up to one for the BBC’s Hundredth Anniversay celebrations. Which is fair enough but does this mean that we won’t get a regeneration until then? There has been no announcement of the new Doctor yet which is quite unprecidented control of the media narrative. And does that mean Chris Chibnall gets another three episodes to clear up whatever it is he thinks he is up to? There are three distinct villains in the mix now and no clear narrative to explain who any of them really are.

It definitely seems to mean no new series until after the centennial. Hi Ho.

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