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A Brief Burst of Cynicism

November 21, 2021

This week’s DR WHO was very flavourful, nicely concise and didn’t do anything much to annoy me.

I liked the use of the isolated English village in the 1960s, the twisted time-line of the psychic character (which didn’t make much sense when I tried to think about it), the lovely scene inside the mind scape of the psychic as the Doctor confronted the Angel, especially the setting on a causeway (?) or sea-side strand of sand.

But continuing the point I made last time about time fleeting by, I noticed that the focus of the whole mystery of the season is turning again towards the Doctor’s ‘missing memories’ and the nature of the Division. And it occurs to me that that there just isn’t the time to properly explore any memories the Doctor might get access to… So a prediction. The Doctor’s memories will not be explored much, if at all, by the end of this series. Either it will be shown to be a massive deception or red herring or it will be left entirely for the next poor schmo of a showrunner to unravel and make sense of.

And I can’t even figure out which of those is the more cynical option. No graphic this posting as I can’t think of a visual image of cynicism. Oh, wait! I know! A small yapping dog! (For reasons to do with the Greek origins of the word.)

Major fan service next time with the return of Kate Stewart and the villain gloating, unwisely I hope.

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  1. Perhaps the small yapping dog is pulling away a curtain to reveal the truth?

    • The small yapping dog is tugging at the sleeves of his master and trying to say: “Don’t try stepping off that cliff, you Fool”

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